Meet Our Hosting Team

Maria Scordialos |  Greece

Maria is a process artist, host and social entrepreneur, creating the conditions for individuals, teams and leaders to live their fullest potential. She offers her natural ability to see patterns, create structure and design processes so that new solutions and forms can be co-created. Maria is a co-initiator of the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Meaningful Conversations (also known as Participatory Leadership), and also a co-founder of Living Wholeness Institute, a consultancy and place of learning with nature in Greece. Maria has applied her practice of participatory leadership through being a consultant for over 20 years working in a wide range of contexts from the European Union Institutions, Agencies and bodies to foundations and non-profit organisations as well as through working with multi-disciplinary networks, social movements and activists.

Melinda Varfi |   Hungary

Melinda believes in the power of communities and is passionate about helping them grow to contribute towards a sustainable society. Having worked in different fields of work, she has found that the closest topic to her heart is sustainability – both on a personal, collective and cosmological level. She has co-founded Impact Hub Budapest, a global community based coworking office. She enjoys engaging with people in meaningful conversations about their environment and enabling them to recognize their own true power to make steps towards a more sustainable world. In the last 10 years she has been facilitating and designing such dialogues and processes with participatory methods for organizations as Greenpeace, WHO, the European Commission or the city of Budapest with a series of Citizens Assemblies.

Julia Hoffmann  |   Germany

Julia is a scribe, process host and visual facilitator. Supporting individuals, teams and organisations, she works at the intersection of personal transformation and systems change. Julia is part of SOCIUS, an organisational development collective in Berlin where she accompanies ‘for purpose organisations’ and their humans in their journeys towards resilience, creativity and self-organisation. As a scribe she works towards enabling collective intelligence through visual means. Julia comes to this work with more than a decade of professional experience at nonprofits as well as the municipal and EU-level on working on a social and connected Europe.

Jonathan Dorsett  |   Great Britain

Jon is a visual facilitator and participatory engagement practitioner. Based in Yorkshire, England, his work is built on 25 years of supporting activists and changemakers in learning, reflection and engagement. His practice focuses on the dynamic of inner psycho-spiritual work and outer socio-political action, crafting rehumanising spaces and visual resources that invite genuine participation. Jon has been an Art of Hosting  & Harvesting practitioner since 2011 working in collaborative community, public and private sector environments within the UK including with the NHS, Local Authorities, NGOs, and community and business partners.


Judit Osika |   Hungary

Judit is a leadership facilitator and coach specialized in the areas of learning and innovation. She works with the leaders of today and of tomorrow. For the leaders of today and their teams, she designs and hosts facilitated learning experiences to hold space for innovation and true learning while taking people on an emotional journey.

The leaders of tomorrow (who are the teeangers and young adults) she guides through a 3 step process in order for them to learn about themselves,the job market and their possibilities before they make the best decision on which career to pursue.

Katus Bartos |   Hungary

Katus is a copywriter and process facilitator with a background in communication and marketing. Seven years ago, she stepped down as the head of a digital marketing agency to start a freelance career. Her area of expertise is in marketing tactics, research, and project coordination. She regularly writes articles not just for clients, but for Forbes Hungary as well. She facilitates workshops for clients for strategic purposes and in addition, she hosts participatory events for different companies and communities. Katus is one of the organizers of the Hungarian Art of Hosting training field, and she is part of the Hungarian Citizen’s Assembly’s hosting team.

Dániel G. Németh  |   Hungary

Daniel is engaged in research and development at the juxtaposition of humans, systems and novel technologies. His main interests these days are swirling around collective intelligence, sociology of the network state, hacktivism and technopagan egregores. Daniel is a facilitator, service designer, community & movement builder with over 15 years of experience, organizing workshops, festivals & events and creating new imaginaries in the digital spaces of blockchain and DAOs.


Miklós Vitai  |   Hungary

Miklos is a technical professional with a passion for exploring the intersection of technology and society. He is deeply interested in the power of cooperation and group dynamics, and is well-versed in methodologies and techniques that harness the collective intelligence of groups, such as U process and other social technologies. His primary focus is on promoting a continuous learning and self-improvement culture within teams and individuals. His aim to bring a unique combination of technical expertise and social awareness to his work.

Kriszta Leba |   Hungary

Kriszta is a psychologist, coach and trainer.  Her main focus as a professional is leadership development. She has gained extensive experience in facilitating participatory processes in recent years. Previously, she worked for NGOs supporting vulnerable social groups in equal opportunity and community programs.


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