Harvest of Day 2

Flow of the Day


Summary of the Day


On our second morning, we stepped into the space with wonderment and connection. Katus started the day with a little reminder of the diversity of our group, and we celebrated our participants, as this was the day they stepped into hosting. 

Since most of us were already in the ‘groan zone,’ Julia used the framing to introduce everybody to the Diamond model. With the creativity afforded by nature, we visualized the different phases, giving us ample time to realize which phase each of us is at right now and what is our usual dynamic when in the divergence and convergence process. 

After a thoughtful and guided body scan with the question: ‘How am I arriving today?’ we checked in with the Aum mantra to synchronize our souls and vibrate the space with our higher presence. 

Next, Jon took us outside to a field to play a ball game in small circles with three different setups and rules – experiencing chaos, control, and order. First, we saw confusion and emergence rising from chaos in the play. Then we were paralyzed by control; disengagement appeared, and joy faded. Order gave us great fun: by dancing with the Chaordic Path, we felt seriousness and playfulness simultaneously, and we had the chance to be mischievous by breaking some rules. Energized by the game and coffee, we went inside to listen to Jon explain the Chaordic Path, with some fun ‘history lesson’ facts from Maria. 

Continuing the interactive teachings, Melinda introduced us to one of the most foundational practices in the Art of Hosting, the 4-fold Practice. What comes easiest for us in our life? What is the trickiest for now? To host ourselves, to be hosted, to host others, or co-create with others? As we inhabited our most and least comfortable part of the practice, we shared the tricks and tools we use and inspired each other to become better practitioners in each. 


Open Space

Before lunch, we went into the first round of Open Space technology. Our coached hosting team invited us to host conversations around the calling question:

Given the ecosystems we are part of, what are we called to explore right now? 

Our curious and wonderful participants came up with many meaningful and deep topics.

1 What is the Art of Hosting, and what is not?

2 How can an agile mindset help us navigate order and chaos?

3 How can we host endings?

4 How to encourage/make/get people to participate?

5 How can we increase the use of AoH/participatory practices in academia/public policy to increase impact?

6 Collective resilience in civil society – how to build collective resilience so activism can continue?

7 What could be impactful to do in ecosystems that are in economic freefall?

8 What are our collective traumas, and how can we learn to cope with them?

9 Can kindness save the world?

10 How can we be worthy stewards of god-like power = technology?

11 What is the role that stories play in system change?

12 How can we gently play with the norms of our organization to introduce AoH Practices?

13 How can we better support and empower our Hungarian friends during these times?

World Café

After these profound and impassioned conversations, we continued the day with a World Café to converge and harvest the richness of our ideas.

The three rounds of questions were:

  • What have I learned about myself as a practitioner? 
  • What patterns do we see as co-creators? 
  • What more do we need to discuss to initiate change in our ecosystems?

We left for supper feeling tired but resourced, empty, and full at the same time. 

After dinner, we gathered in smaller groups, some playing music by the bonfire, some just continuing our never-ending conversations, and some of us honoring Earth Day by playing the Flow Game.