Harvest of Day 1

Flow of the Day


Summary of the Day


On our first  morning, we stepped into co-creating our learning ecosystem.

Jon and Judit as the day hosts welcome the group and Judit spoke to the context and how special it was that they said yes to the Art of Hosting in Hungary. Jon connected us back to the previous day and he addressed the flow of our 3 days together through our calling questions.

The previous night we’ve heard each others’ stories about how we were given our first name and the check-in was designed in a way that we could continue having an even better sense of who we are in the room. We were mapping the room for 3 questions:

  • Geography – Where have you traveled from?
  • Experience – What is your nowledge of hosting as a practice?
  • Areas – What fields do we have in the room?

The mapping of the room showed us that more than half of our participants were from abroad (from the US through Japan, including, Lebanon, Germany, Slovenia, UK etc.) from various fields of Civil Society, the Crypto and Agile world, Healthcare, Education, Environment and other backgrounds.

The second part of the check-in was milling conversations. We asked our participants to walk around and find a person to answer the following questions:

What made you show up?/What are you looking for?/What are you bringing?




AoH Tree

Since we introduced the AoH Tree model the previous evening, the time arrived for Maria to address the AoH assumptions that are actually at the roots of the Tree. Maria walked us through the assumptions: there is need for new potential/solutions, conversations matter, conversations lead to wiser actions, new solutions/ potential grow between chaos and order and paradox is always at play.

Julia then introduced us to the Appreciative Triads as our first method and tool to experience. We were invited to share what is currently happening in our lives that brought us here and explore the question ‘What in particular are you invited to learn?’ Based on this and the reflections from the Triad, we were invited to capture our learning objective framed as a question on a piece of paper. After a short break, we harvested the learning questions of the Triads.

Julia and Dani then walked us through Living Systems and examples of stepping into Living Systems.

After having our first lunch break we continued diving into a teaching about Conversational Intelligence from Maria. Based on the book of Judith. E. Glaser, Maria talked about trust, listening and their importance in moving from transactional conversations to co-creating transformational conversations.

World Café

Continuing with the methods and tools, Maria, Katus and Dani invited us to take the topic of Trust into a World Café while also speaking to the format and its principles. The 3 questions of the World Café were: 

  1.  What role is trust playing in my life and work?
  2. What are the patterns that we are now seeing about the role trust is playing in our world?
  3. What can we do to build greater trust and active hope?

We clustered the harvest from the World Café and moved into a short break but the day was still not over:) Melinda walked us through an interactive teaching about Harvesting where we mapped the harvesting tools based on tangibility/intangibility and individual/collective dimensions. After the village news, Maria checked us out in a delightful way with a little dancing.

Before dinner the coaching of the Check in/out, Feedforward/ Harvesting, Open Space, World Cafe was prepared for the next day and after dinner we lit our first fire together, surrounding the fire with sharing stories of our practices.